Thursday, April 24, 2014

Down a dark hall

                                   DOWN A DARK HALL

Down a dark hall takes place in a boarding school named Blackwood. At this school, Four students are enrolled for the year. Kit, Sandy, Ruth, and Lynda. There is dark feelings at the school as the four girls experience something of their own from the beyond. With Lynda in her room painting pictures, the others are all that's left to put the puzzle together. Kit told Sandy that the word she thought of Blackwood as she was entering was Evil.

My opinion of this book is great. I liked the story line and the characters personalities. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in either Gothic, Horror, or paranormal books. This creepy book is for that person.    

                                                 <The book cover

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Minecraft Mobs

                    Minecraft logo.svg
In Minecraft, there are many types of mobs, or animals/living things besides the player Steve.
<Steve. This is the main player/ or person in the game. Also the only human.
There are a variety of non-hostile mobs. Some include, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken, Villager, Bats, Iron Golem, Wolves, Ocelots.
<The main non-hostile mobs...
HOSTILE MOBS...There are a wide variety of hostile mobs in the game. That includes, Creepers, Spiders, Cave Spiders, Skeletons, Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Ghasts, Endermen, Slimes, Magma Cubes, Silverfish, Enderdragon, Wither, Blazes, Wither Skeletons, Witches, Spider Jockey,
The heads of some Hostile mobs.
More hostile mobs...
The enderdragon...
The wither.
The only other somewhat boss mob taken out of the game, was Herobrine.
But still, of all hostile mobs in Minecraft, The two bosses are the Enderdragon and Wither.
This is where you find and slay the Dragon.
This is how you build the Wither. 4 Soul Sand, and 3 wither skeleton heads.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Is it OK to lie?

                          DO YOU THINK IT'S OK TO LIE?

Do you think it's OK to lie? Well in my opinion, it is OK to lie. I bet you that your parents do it as well to you like you possibly do to them. Like if your grandma makes you an itchy sweater with a heart on it, then you tell her how you think it's "wonderful" and you like it. Well it will make your grandma feel good, but not you, right?Well doing that to your grandma is considered a lie.

People say that wen you tell a lie to a person, they become more happy and popular. So if you want to be popular, say good lies to friends. Just don't get ahead of yourself and spread rumors and fake lies. When you lie nicely to your friend, it won't hurt the person. They accept your response. Just don't do it a lot.

Some will say, why lie when you can tell the truth. Well, your right in your own way. If you want to give every answer to your friend by telling the truth, it can hurt their feelings. If you say some lies, then they feel happy. If you like none of the choices then you can quickly change the subject so you won't have to give them an answer. This can work good for you if you don't do or don't like these options. That's why there is a third.

So many clones of flappy Bird that have lies with them....

Some lies are good, but some are great! I feel that it is OK to lie. I say that because it makes your friend happy by your "truthful" comment you gave.  That's why I choose to lie. Would you lie to a friend?

Friday, February 21, 2014



Minecraft is a indi-sandbox survival game that was released in 2009 and was created by Notch (Markus Peerson) and  Jeb (Jens Bergensten).
                                        Minecraft logo.svgThe Minecraft logo.

Minecraft has a varied selection of mobs or npc's (naturally spawned creature).

              These are all the mobs in default Minecraft.

Minecraft is a very popular game that people play. It let's you do whatever your mind wants to do. Also, there is no end to the game. Before night falls over the terrain, you need a shelter and tools/resources.                                                                                                                                       

        This is the biome, extreme hills. You will need trees which are at the bottom, Note that you need wood for various tools/blocks. So get  a lot of it.

The game is so popular that people record themselves playing on YouTube.

This is Team Crafted, a popular band of youtubers that record Minecraft.
This is Team Crafted in real life. (left to right)
Bajan Canadian(Mitch) Deadlox(Tyler) ASFjerome(Jerome) SkyDoesMinecraft(Adam) HuskyMudkipz(Quentin) MinecraftUniverse(Jason) SSundee(Ian).

Abraham Lincoln

                                               Abraham Lincoln


      Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. He had an older sister named Sarah which took care of him when his mom passed away. His mom died when he was only nine years old! His family life involved hard work, walking miles to school, farming, and etc. he would help his father chop logs and build any structure with him. His family life was very challenging. Lincoln was most famous during the Civil War. In this time period, he will give great quotes and speeches. One famous speech he gave was the Gettysburg Address. This was read in Gettysburg before the battle of Gettysburg.

<The battle of Gettysburg.

      One of his quotes that he gave was "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be". Which would mean to express yourself. Another one is, "A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have". Which would mean you have an ally with you. The final quote is "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time".


      Some of his accomplishments...
1 Ended slavery...
2 Won Civil War...
3 Gave important speeches.


Thursday, February 6, 2014


                                               ...R.M.S  TITANIC...

             The R.M.S Titanic was an English Royal Mail Steamer built in Belfast northern Ireland. She was an Olympic-class ocean liner just like her sisters, Olympic and Britannic. The Titanic and Britannic.

 This is the Titanic's last known picture as she sails out of Southhampton.

The Brittanic was larger than her sisters and was hit by a torpedo and fell over on her side and sank. Only 33 people were killed due to proper lifeboats.

The Titanic struck the iceburg at 11:47 p.m. The iceburg tore a gash in her first 5 watertight compartments. As the ship went down, all exept two lifeboats remained. Around the time 2:17 the last two boats, collapsible A and B were swept of the ship as the superstructure plunged under, swallowing the bridge with it. Collapsible was turned over and men struggled to get on. At 2:20 a.m most of the 705 survivors saw the ship go under the sea. The survivors were then rescued by the S.S Carpathia and made a three day trip to arrive at NYC....

Problems with the ship...
1.) minnimun of 18 lifeboats plus four collapsible boats. A, B, C, D.
2.) running at full spead into ice filled area.
3.) first class went first and seerage last to die.
4.) first officer side swiped the burg by accident instead of hitting it head on. (seald compartment in front.)
5.) no binoculars for the lookouts.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Pearl Harbor

   The forgotten day of 1941. As president Roosevelt said it was a date which will live in infamy. The Japanese launched two air attacks on the harbor, as well as some areas around Ohao. Two important battleships were lost. Their names were Arizona and Oklahoma. The Arizona blew up due to an armored piercing shell that went into the forward powder magazine, ripping the ship in two. The Oklahoma was hit with several torpedoes and capsized or rolled over upside down.

   The Arizona after the bomb explosion...

Front view of the sunken ship...

The Arizona before world war two.

The Oklahoma after attack....

The Oklahoma during the attack...

The Oklahoma before world war two...

Now that you have seen the pictures, now you will see a video of the Arizona getting hit with an armored piercing shell that ripped through her strong hull...     <This is the link to the explosion video. Remember, this caused over 1,500 people to die so it is not funny.

For us this was our start for world war two. We succeeded and stopped the world wide threat.

These men did whatever they could to stop the threat and unite peace in Europe and Japan.